Access Bars Class


My name is Eliza. Born in Poland, travelling round the world – totally aware of not belonging to any place, any person, any situation, any… thing.
And what’s much more important – happy, which for many people who still struggle with this reality of limitation, seems unbelievable. Being a single mother of four, generating the life I’ve always known was possible, I joyfully invite you to consider a completely new perspective on life and living.

What if it’s just enough to ask in order to receive?
What if the limitations that have been running your life so far are not real?
What if there is a way to switch off that autopilot that has never allowed you to step into the power and potency you truly be?

Two years ago I was ready to die. So was my body. After 15 years of struggle with different die-eases with body, money, relationships, etc. I was ready to lose everything.
And… it such moments – paradoxically – we are ready to gain everything, or in other words, to RECEIVE!

I started playing with Access Consciousness™ tools, and all that trauma and dramma started disappearing from my life.
Access is the weirdest modality on Earth I’ve tried and applied to every aspect of my reality. And it works!
If you truly desire change – here it is!

I invite you to a 1-day class called Access Bars that was the springboard to freedom for me, so to speak.

If you want to know more about Access Bars, go here

If you already know (as if you know you know instantly :), see you in London!

25th September FRIDAY      9.30am – 5pm
Cost: £190 / repeat price: £95
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